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A few years ago, Mike Tyson chomped off part of Evander Holyfield's ear. Just yesterday, this letter addressed to Mike was found in Tyson's backyard.

Mike Tyson
123 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 52956

Mr. Tyson, we here at the Children's Crime Prevention Agency (CCPA) want you. Yes you, Mr. Tyson. McGruff the Crime dog is getting old, exactly 567 dog years, and we are getting rid of him. Do you know what this means, Mr. Tyson? It means that we want you to become the new spokesman for the CCPA.

We want you to advise children to be like you, and this is where the new slogan comes in, we want you to advise the future presidents, secretarys, and lawmakers of our great nation, to Take a Bite Out of Crime (Or Two!) Yes, Mr. Tyson, we are simply asking you to take a moment out of your busy schedule and help the ankle-biters of our country Take a Bite Out of Crime (Or Two!) See how you can make this country a better place, Mr. Tyson? Please consider our offer.

Biting our nails,

James ManDible

4367 85th Avenue
New York, NY 37838

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